Security Tips

Prevent Thefts During the Holidays

Campus Security reminds everyone to safeguard both UBC and personal effects this holiday season. Thefts of this type are crimes of opportunity and offices, study areas, and computer labs that are left unattended tend to be prime targets.

Campus Security has the following tips for members of the campus community:

  • Never leave personal effects unattended for any period of time. Always secure office doors and windows when leaving the area even for a short moment.
  • Staff members are encouraged to display UBC identification at all times when working. Campus Security takes a proactive approach to off-hours use of the institution, and carrying proper identification aids both yourself and Campus Security when verifying individuals in locked buildings after regular business hours.
  • Office lights and electronic equipment should be turned off including personal heaters. Lights left on┬ácan create increased visibility into the room from the outside.
  • All blinds or curtains should be closed, especially when computer equipment is visible from ground-level windows.
  • All valuable or personal items should be taken home or securely locked away.
  • Do not leave building or office keys/Salto at work. If stolen, this puts the campus community at greater risk.
  • Personnel working during the holidays should be aware of their personal safety. Let someone know where you are and when you expect to return.

Report all suspicious activity to Campus Security at 250-807-9236 (local 79236). For crimes in progress, notify RCMP by dialing 9-1-1.

For other crime prevention initiatives, contact the Security Coordinator’s office at 250-807-9173 (local 79173).