Salto office hours are limited until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Please visit for the latest updates on Coronavirus and UBC’s response.


MONDAY TO FRIDAY, 9am – 3pm only.

If someone requires personal assistance outside of these hours, they can email to set up an appointment. Staff are asked to continue submitting their Salto Access Requests online through the Faculty & Staff website.

They will receive email confirmation once their request has been processed and will be able to pick up keys during the above office hours.

Hot Spots

Hot spots are located outside the main entrance doors of all campus buildings. Salto access cards should be updated daily at these locations.


How to use your Salto Key or Fob

Hotspot Readers (located on all Building Entrances)

  • Present your Key to the Reader (do not wave or move key or it may not update completely)
  • Wait until the lights finish flashing (it will take approx. 5 seconds)
  • Your Key will then be re-activated for 24hrs
  • You will need to update your key at a Hotspot each day
  • Do not worry if you are away from Campus for more than 24 hrs
  • Your key will re-active once you update it at a Hotspot Reader upon your return

Flashing Blue Light at Hotspot Reader (your key is being updated for another 24 hrs)

  • The Blue light means your key has been updated
  • When Reader flashes Green after the Blue; it means the building is unlocked
  • When Reader flashes Red after the Blue; it means the building is locked & you do not have access

Red Light at Hotspot Reader

  • The Building Entrance is locked (you may not have access)
  • Your key will still update for another 24 hrs

Flashing Green Light at Hotspot

  • Indicates the Building Entrance is already unlocked (on auto-open)
  • If your key does not work after updating at a Hotspot; try updating again
  • If your key still does not work, your key may be damaged and/or expired
  • Contact the Salto Admin Office for assistance and/or replacement key

Flashing Green Light at Door Lock

  • Indicates the Door is unlocked
  • It is on Auto Open and/or been manually unlocked with a Key.

Red Light at Door Lock

  • Door is locked – You may not have access and/or your key may have expired
  • If you do have access, update your key again at a different Hotspot & try Door lock again
  • If Lock is still red, your key may be damaged and/or expired
  • Contact the Salto Admin Office for assistance and/or replacement key

Flashing Red Lights at Door Lock (Indicates Low Batteries)

  • Wait a moment if the light goes green afterward, quickly engage the handle to open.
  • Report the Flashing Red Lights to the Salto Admin Office to have batteries replaced

No Lights on the Door Lock (possible reasons listed below)

  • Your key may be damaged and/or expired
  • The Batteries are dead and/or the locks is malfunctioning
  • Contact the Salto Admin Office during regular business hours
  • Contact the 24hr Security Dispatch Office after hours

Salto Administrator, Security Admin Office

LIB 018 (Library Basement)

PH: 250-807-9443 or 250-807-8859


24 Hour Security Dispatch Office

ADM 104 (Ext. Office near Courtyard)

PH: 250-807-9236 (non-emergency Number)