SALTO Access Request Form


As of September 1st, 2021, the Salto Access Request Form, previously found under the Facilities Management, will no longer be available. Effective immediately, we are transitioning to a new Salto Access Request Form. The new form is in a MS Word Format, downloadable from our Security Website. Our new Access Request Form no longer requires a 2-step approval process.

Instead, we ask each department to have their designated “Salto Approver” obtain the necessary department approvals prior to filling out the Access Request Form. Once completed, COPY and PASTE the Request Form into a new email and forward directly to our Salto Admin Team at


When additional authorization is required from a Manager, Dean or Faculty member, the designated Salto Approver needs to forward the completed Access Request Form to the appropriate Manager, Dean or Faculty member for Authorization (prior to sending to the Salto Admin Team), instructing them to reply back to the designated Salto Approver, indicating “APPROVED”. Once Approved, the Salto Approver can then forward the Approved email and Access Request Form to for processing.


  • Access Requests: Are normally processed in 2-3 business days, longer during peak periods.
  • Processing: We will only process requests that originate with your departments designated Salto Approver.
  • Completed Requests: You will be notified by email when your request has been completed.
  • Student Keys: Do not send students to our office pick up their key or check the status of their request.
  • Interior Rooms: Unless restrictions are requested, access to interior rooms automatically defaults to 24 hrs. per day, 7 days per week, while the building is open. Access is only blocked when the building is locked.
  • 24 HR Building Access: If a User requires access after a building is locked, you will need to submit an access request for each building they require.
  • Start Date: Start dates are not mandatory and can be left blank if you choose.
  • Expiry Date: Expiry dates are mandatory.
  • Multiple Expiry Dates: You may add different expiry dates to each Door, Zone or Building. Leave blank if not needed and all access will expire on the KEY EXPIRY date.
  • Days of Week: only check boxes if you DO NOT want the key to work 7 days per week. Otherwise leave blank.
  • Key Timetables: Are used for adding time restrictions to a room, zone or building. Do not use this section unless you have a pre-existing Timetable set up in the Salto Database. If you want to have a Timetable created, contact the Salto Admin Team a minimum of 5 – 10 days, prior to submitting your Access Request.
  • Access Zones: are groups of doors that allow a more efficient method of adding common doors to a User’s key, such as building access or common rooms, specific to a department. If you want a zone created, contact the Salto Admin Team a minimum of 5 – 10 days prior to submitting your Access Request, as the doors in each zone need to be set up in the software and then each door lock has to be manually programmed.
  • Student Numbers: Are mandatory on every access request, regardless if the student already has a key on file. Your request will not be processed until a student number has been provided.
  • Employee Numbers: Do not include Staff, Faculty or Student employee numbers.

For further information or instruction please contact a Salto Team member at

Tina Dolan l Salto Administrator l 250-807-9443 l