Potential to Interfere Events


Potential to Interfere events are categorized by those events significant enough, in the opinion of the Director of Campus Operations and Risk Mangement (CORM), to have the potential to negatively impact University or municipal operations, regardless of size. It is recommended that all events read through the following guidelines to determine if your event has the potential to interfere with University operations.

Outdoor events less than 1000 persons with a high probability to interfere with official University functions must not exceed predetermined sound levels based on the nature of the area and other factors, and can only be held in the following locations:

University Amphitheatre

University Commons

Central Courtyard

Arts & Sciences Courtyard

EME Amphitheatre


Reserving space with the Central Booking Office does not indicate that the event has been approved. 

The “potential to interfere” may be based on one or more of the following factors:

Amplified sound (PA System, DJ, live music) Traffic control or road closures
Extreme sports Outside food services, including food trucks
Serving of alcohol Any other potentially aggravating factor
Use of barbeque(s) or open flame Event held in highly populated area
Event held at a key or busy time

Persons wishing to organize an event of this category must complete a Campus Security Event Application form, obtain UBC Executive Sponsorship and adhere to the Potential to Interfere Event Application Timeline.

Once you have determined if your event has the potential to interfere, continue to STEP 4.