UBCO Large Events


Large events need to be carefully planned and managed. The intent of the following guidelines is to provide a clear process that can be replicated for all events held on University property to identify basic event requirements, health and safety concerns, and legal obligations for event organizers. These requirements are necessary to satisfy authorities such as the University, emergency services, and the City of Kelowna.

These guidelines are intended to establish requirements for events to ensure that venues are safe for attendees, appropriate measures are in place to protect building infrastructure, reputation and the operations of the University and the event does not unreasonably disturb the university community and neighbouring properties. They have been drafted by the University of British Columbia Campus Security in consultation with the remainder of the University, the Students’ Union, emergency services, and the City of Kelowna.

Campus Security reviews all Campus Event Application Forms. An event form must be submitted to Campus Security for preliminary review who will then facilitate the approval process by coordinating required changes to the application with the event organizer. For Large Events, a City of Kelowna Outdoor Event Application form is then also required but cannot be submitted to the City without prior approval from the University.


A Large Event is defined as any event, outside of the academic mandate, that exceeds 1000 persons. In determining total persons, event staff, attendees, vendors, artists/performers and event organizers are included. Large events must not only be processed via the University’s event approval process, but the City of Kelowna’s Outdoor Event process as well.

Download and print the Large Event Checklist to begin the process of planning your event. when you have reviewed the Large Event Checklist, return to STEP 2 Planning an Event on the UBCO Campus.